War Movie


Staff Sgt Rupert Cross
Private James "Benny" Bennington
Private Joseph Ryan
Radioman Ian Scott

Scene One

Guy running in the woods. dogs sniffing ground and people waving flash lights. guy hides in a brush pile and panics. title screen and music

Scene Two

troops walking in a field. calm music in the background.

  1. COMMANDER (to man standing next to him)

Hold troops.

  1. MAN




(pan on troops)

  1. CROSS


(walks to COMMANDER)


Take three men and scout ahead. Report back on what you find and we'll rendezvous.

  1. CROSS

Yes sir.

(walks into the resting troops.)

  1. CROSS

Scott, Ryan you're with me.

(looks around)

Bennington lets get a move on it.

Scene Three

The four scouts walking down hill. Not talking in an awkward way.

  1. SCOTT

why cant we take a break?

  1. CROSS

We have a job to do.

  1. SCOTT

Easy for you, you not carrying the radio. Antique piece of shit, barely works.

  1. CROSS

YOU Volunteered like the rest of us.

  1. SCOTT

I would have thought we'd get decent shit. NO real uniforms and shit equipment. Not very good to fight the government.

  1. CROSS

Look money is tight and if we want a good chance we need to get more people on our side.

  1. SCOTT

So lets buy a radio station.

  1. CROSS

we didn't buy it. we reopened it as a pirate channel.

  1. BENNY

Uniforms would have been nice though.

(SCOTT and CROSS look at him angerly)

  1. BENNY

just a thought.

Scene four

They come to a clearing at the bottom of the hill. open field with a forest around it
SCOTT sits down as the others keep going. CROSS turns around.

  1. CROSS

what are you doing?

  1. SCOTT

Taking a break sir.

(with attitude)

my feet fuckin' hurt.

  1. CROSS

well get the hell up.

  1. SCOTT

why? everyone else is taking a break.

CROSS looks around nervously.

  1. CROSS

okay. Just for a little bit then we have to get going.

They all sit down, take off back packs and SCOTT takes off his shoes.

Conversations between them all take place. (make up as it goes along.)

  1. Over the radio

Mockingbird report………….CROSS come in………..Report.

  1. CROSS


Camera on SCOTT. his chest is covered in blood.
bullet hit the ground around the others.

  1. CROSS

Snipers! Run.

they all get up and run into the forest with only what is on their person.

this is as far as i have gotten, at least in semi changeable stone.

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