Time Warp Character Bios

Name: Corporal Abberline
Age: 20-Something
Occupation: Corporal in the Marines
Apparrel: Jeans, Army Jacket, Blue Shirt
Dealio: Abberline is a soldier who somehow gets thrown back into the past. His only goal is to find a way back to his home-time.
Aspiration: Present Day
Weapon of Choice: Snub Nosed Revolver (he will claim it is standard-issue, but it totally isn't).

Name: Sheriff McFriday
Age: Eh
Occupation: Sheriff/Antiques Dealer
Apparrel: Aviators, that's all I know so far.
Dealio: McFriday is also from our time. He found a Time Warp to the past, and now goes back and forth. He brings simple things to the past, so they practically worship him, and brings 'antiques' to the present, to sell them. He doesn't even exactly know what time period he is in, he doesn't care.
Aspiration: Success
Weapon of Choice: Modified Pirate Gun.

Name: River "Four-Guns"
Age: 20 Something
Occupation: Outlaw
Apparel: Eh
Dealio: River is just an honest working outlaw, just wanting to kill people and take their money. He survives the huge gunfight in the town, and follows the Sheriff and Abberline into the woods, along with some others. Will get shot and killed by the Sheriff in the resulting gunfight.
Aspiration: Money Money Money Money… (Muhnay!)
Weapon of Choice: Weilds two Double-Barrelled guns, hence his nickname.

Name: Eh
Age: 20 Something
Occupation: Outlaw
Apparel: Western
Dealio: ___ is another surviving outlaw from the gunfight. It is him who tackles Abberline into the Warp.
Aspiration: Money
Weapon of Choice: Gunblade and simple Six-Shooter.