Howdy Character Bios

Scene One

Movie opens to forest scene. Some manner of shrubbery atop a small hill. CORPORAL ABBERLINE shoots out of shrubbery (Smoke and pyro-technics cue here), and rolls down hill (sort of action dive). He wears jeans, an army jacket displaying his insignia, and a blue undershirt. ABBERLINE stands up and brushes himself off, looking around (medium closeup, cowboy shot), then, picking a direction, walks offscreen.
OPENING CREDITS ROLL - "Actor Name" on top of "as Character Name". Twilight by The Raveonettes plays. Throughout the credits, shots of ABBERLINE trekking through the woods from different angles. The last shot being ABBERLINE arriving at an old fashion town. A few more names, and then the credits end.

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