A Quick Overview of Each Story

Conversion Disorder

A man after being attacked by a crazed man on the street screaming "the aliens are coming," finds himself in the middle of a massive alien invasion. After finding that most of the people in the city he was in have been killed he finds himself sinking lower and lower into paranoia. Soon he believes that all survivors he finds are just aliens trying to trick him. While trying to kill an "alien", he is shot with a sedative knocking him out. He wakes up in a cold, concrete room which is explained to him to be an old missile silo. He is told that the Americans developed and released a virus which causes hallucinations based off of fear, in this case mass hysteria stemming from a UFO sighting. At first he's skeptical but is coaxed into understanding. One day while in bed, he is awoken by the complex alarm. Somehow the virus leaked in. Because the strain that leaked in is a mutated form, the entire complex of people tear themselves apart, eventually resulting in the death of everyone, including the main character, yet his death is assuringly because of suicide, not by the virus.

War Movie

People in some country rebel against the government. these troops are marching to some unknown location. four men scout ahead and take a break when one gets shot. the others book it into the woods but dont grab their things and thus have no real supplies. they get cut off from the outside world and have no idea what is going on. their side wins the war and they dont know. one more of them dies and and his body is found. then hope to find the others is a foot and searches insue. the troops in the woods dont know what is going on and fights and run from the troops loooking for them. paraniod men fighting thier own allies.

Time Warp

A modern(ish) day soldier finds himself launched into the days of the old west(ish). Running into a forest town of oddly advanced people, the soldier assumes that their slightly advanced technology means someone knows about the TimeWarp, and thus how to get back. He asks around town, using his gun for intimidation, and eventually makes some enemies doing so. A HUGE ASS town-wide gun-fight will ensue, where the soldier will meet the Sheriff. Soon he learns that he too (meaning the sheriff) is from the future. Forced at gun-point to take the soldier to the Time Warp back to the future, the Sheriff leads them deep into the woods, maybe talking about something cool on the way or something. Some outlaws who survived the gunfight catch wind of their departure, and, thinking they are headed towards something valuable, follow them. Upon arriving at the time warp, the soldier shakes the sheriff's hand, and is about to make the jump (so to speak), when the bandits come running from the woods shooting. Another gunfight ensues. Sheriff is shot in stomache but not killed (so far as we know). One of the outlaws tackles the soldier into the TimeWarp, which evidentally throws off the desired destination in time. The last shot is the soldier, in a deep, tropic, untouched forest, his destination obviously skewed by there being two people in the warp at once. A dinosaur roar (ripped directly from Jurassic Park) is heard, and the soldier just cusses. Credits roll.

Heist Movie

The Movie starts right as a trio of robbers make there escape from a major heist. The heist is unknown and is merely a Macguffin, being for the most part plot irrelevant. The movie follows the three as they go on their seperate long term paths.
One of them (Jack), is deeply concerned with living the rest of his short life in peace (he has an incurrable and deadly disease, probably cancer, also a Macguffin) and plans on retiring to Canada. After living there for several comfortable years (less than 5), he is caught by the FBI and sentenced to many years in prison. There he lives his remaining years (more than 5) as his illness is in its final sickly stages until he dies in prison. He lives a few wonderful years and then many horrible ones.
More to come later…i had finished the synopsis twice already but this fucking website erased it because i pressed backspace at the wrong time…i fucking hate it. a lot.