Conversion Disorder Timeline

Conversion Disorder Time Line

(by request of Scottie)

Ok Here's what's up….

I'm going to create a time line of what has happened so far, denoted by the scene number. After I get to the end of what I have written so far, I will stop showing scene numbers. Perhaps, I'll italicize it or something to differentiate between what has and hasn't been written yet.

Scene One

Ok. This is movie intro. We meet CHRIS and PAUL and what they do, well what CHRIS does at least, but we figure they're co-workers. They go to lunch and we are introduced to the "Philosophy of the Straw". It is a theme that is later brought up in one of their philosophical debates, which is that in the end, nothing matters. This is shown in the "Moment Debate" in scene 8 or so. Don't exactly remember. PAUL has to leave early and the scene ends with CHRIS eating lunch.

Scene Two

CHRIS is about to drive away, but PAUL knocks on the window and asks for a ride home. CHRIS says ok and tells him to pay gas etc. Basically character development stuff until MAN THAT RUNS INTO CAR runs into CHRIS's car. This is the first sign of the invasion. They're more freaked out by the guy than anything. They don't believe a word he says, but they are concerned about his well being. He runs away and PAUL turns on the radio.
At first they think that the radio show is just a prank or something. ALIEN INVASION, etc. After a few channel changes, they realize that it's real, but still don't quite believe it. CHRIS decided to go straight home to watch the news. The TV news is more believable to this character than radio. Perhaps this shows insecurity or I dunno. Doesn't matter. They get to CHRIS's apartment. End of Scene.

Scene Three

CHRIS and PAUL are sitting on the couch watching TV. They see the ufos and are a bit weirded out. CHRIS believes they are unsafe where they're at so says they have to go, but not sure where. They get into his car and start driving. The road's filled with traffic, etc. They start talking a little bit about the aliens and the plausibility of it until PAUL looks up and sees the sky filled. He tells CHRIS to do the same. CHRIS gets distracted. PAUL yells look out. There's a black out. End of Scene.

Scene Four

CHRIS awakes from being knocked out and we meet THOMAS, who will become a very important character later as he will help both CHRIS and PAUL.
THOMAS appears to be a very bitter person cracking sarcastic comments at the wrong times and being very reserved about some things, mostly personal. He tells them that the invasion is afoot and there is nothing they can do. CHRIS freaks out a little he offers to take them to the "resistance." They go. End of Scene.

Scene Five

This scene is basically the drive to the resistance. This is purely fill in made for character development. They talk about how there's no more ufos and how that's bad. We actually learn THOMAS's name. PAUL starts to freak out this time. CHRIS has composure. His lack of talking to THOMAS, especially with stupid things, gains him some respect. They drive on. End of Scene.

Scene Six

They get to the resistance hide out. We meet the CAPTAIN, to whom it's alluded is a character who knows THOMAS quite well. He's actually his brother, but that may or may not be revealed in this movie. It's not that important any more. Originally, the CAPTAIN's main purpose was to expose why his brother is the way he is, but I actually would like THOMAS to have a bit of mystery about him. If you would like to find out why THOMAS is they way he is see the character bios page. Any way, the question is posed, "why is there a resistance if every thing's futile". Basically the purpose is to fight aliens. Why give up homeland when you can fight for it. PAUL storms out. CHRIS follows. THOMAS stays to talk to his brother.

Scene Seven

PAUL and CHRIS walk to the encampment. They start talking a little philosophically. Not sure if this conversation is out of character for the characters or not. They are scared and fear brings out our true personalities, and there are deeper questions that need to be answered. This is the aforementioned "Moment Conversation" about how all that matters is this moment and not the past and not the future. It still lies to question of, since the future is nothing, does it all really matter, which is the previous "Philosophy of the Straw" thing. At the end CHRIS accepts PAUL's previous invitation to dinner w/ his girlfriend. This is not delusion, but rather thinking more in the moment than the future (which is death). They meet the jolly David who is rather happy for all that he knows. Offers them dinner, etc. but CHRIS just wants to sleep. They sleep. End of Scene

Scene Eight.

THOMAS wakes up both CHRIS and PAUL. They're like "wtf?" THOMAS tells them that the aliens have found the encampment and will attack soon. They have to go. They want to stay and fight, but THOMAS tells them how stupid they are. For some reason THOMAS is attached to these two, more specifically CHRIS, but anywho. They agree and they get up. The alarm starts going off (perhaps an old tornado siren) and as it gets louder, confusion gets worse and worse. People start screaming and running. Gunshots begin to be heard. Finally they reach the end of the encampment, but they keep running. They have the feeling that something is following them. Finally they stop to rest. THOMAS turns around to see a dark figure running towards them and they all start running again, but this time gunshots are whizzing by. PAUL gets shot in the leg. CHRIS stops to help, but CHRIS is like, "hey my moment's over, keep running" After hesitation, they start running again. THOMAS ** NEVER ** rushes CHRIS and understands his reaction completely. Eventually they find a place to hide from their pursuer. They hear PAUL scream NO!, and a gunshot then nothing. They soon hear their pursuer's foot steps running by. THOMAS says he's sorry while CHRIS cries. End of Scene.

OK I ADDED A FEW MORE SCENES. TOOK THEM OUT OF THE NON-WRITTEN TIMELINE and left the previous in. Just read the script for what would go here.

End of Stuff that's written ( so far )

A Few Notes:

Ok the following sections will be more like fan fiction than anything. They are the path I had intended for this movie, but it completely up to the authors' discretions to where this script goes, as long as it ends up good great!
If something I write here sucks, then scratch it, and go with your own path, as long as that path doesn't suck. K?

LATE AFTERNOON (but impossible to tell)

CHRIS wakes up to find himself in a concrete room. Looks a little bit like a prison cell. A single bed and a door. I suppose he thinks he's been abducted. He starts walking around, feeling the walls. He sits down on the bed and begins crying. There's a knock on the door and a man walks in. He is happy to see CHRIS. "Hello, how are you feeling, etc."
CHRIS goes through the mix of questions. "Where am I. what did you do to me. Die you alien bastard!"
The man answers a few questions and brings up a few new ones. He tells CHRIS to follow him and exits the room.


They are walking down the hallway talking. It's completely concrete. Looks like a bunker. He explains the virus, etc. CHRIS is skeptical. Tells him how they have an antiviral. etc. etc. etc. "Well CHRIS you're free to roam the complex as you wish. etc."


CHRIS is in a cafeteria of sorts, or some place where there's people. He talks to a few people. This is really a calm before the storm scene of the movie. I say here, he's now starting to believe the stuff about the virus. I don't think he should meet any really important characters here as the movie, I guess, will be starting to be drawn to a close/climax, whatever. A new character would be pointless as the last two "main" characters were quickly done away with. Perhaps a little "montage" of the life he has in the underground.


CHRIS returns to his cell (room), closes the door and sits on the bed. He then lays down on it and looks towards the ceiling.

Ok I'm going to stop denoting by time frames because one it's useless and two, it will most definitely get changed later. Here's the last bit. I won't write much, but it can be as long as the writers imagine it to be.

A mutated version of the virus leaks in and the antiviral is useless. Havok breaks loose, but for some reason CHRIS is the only one unaffected. Perhaps the scientists there have over looked that someone may have the antibodies for this mutated version. Nonetheless, the place is going to pieces. People are killing each other etc. CHRIS is just worried about survival. He finds a way out of the complex and starts walking the streets away. Something else may or may not happen before this, but he finds a straw wrapper on the ground, looks at it, smiles, lets the wind blow it away, turns around, and walks into the distance. End of Movie.

hope this helps.

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