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  • Must now be a member to edit pages. I want to keep record of who modifies what for both credits, safety, and sanity.
  • Welcome to flicks. online script reader. This page will be used for groups that have multiple writers or want input from the group while you are writing your script. Because this is a wiki, all revisions will be saved so any screw ups will have a backup etc. Umm… Don't screw anything up or I will ban you. :)

*WARNING: If you're using this as your sole script editor, I would suggest saving a copy of your script to your hard drive at least once a week. This website is maintained by one man and if he, for some reason, ends the wiki's service, your script will be lost forever. *

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I thought a calendar with milestones, deadlines, etc. may be useful for flicks. Here's all the information for the google calendar. If you don't know what ICAL, or XML is just click the HTML link

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Proper Script Format Stuff:

How to get your script to appear to be in "Proper Script Format":
Ok if you're describing an environment, showing actions, etc. then you do nothing in the edit page. You're good.
When you want dialog, however, to center a character's name place a # sign before the character's name.
The stuff that the character says, you have to put a > sign before the text, that way the dialog is centered to the middle as it should be in "proper script format." I'm still working on getting rid of the space between the character's name and the dialog said, but for now, it looks ok. Check out the source of Conversion Disorder or talk to me if you're confused. Or do it your own way, I'll get mad at you and probably do it for you anyway.

Here's the scripts.


I'm Getting the Band Back Together
Conversion Disorder
Time Warp
War Movie

Other Stuff:

Synopsis of each story

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* If anyone wants a wallpaper for their movie, talk to me and I'll make one for you, provided you give me ideas.

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